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Sgt. William “Bill” Clinton

Sgt. William “Bill” Clinton

Vice President ESOP Genesis

Sgt. William “Bill” Clinton entered the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department as a Commission Officer in training on September 14, 1998. He has served the citizens of St. Louis and this department as an officer assigned to District 6 and 9 and as a Detective assigned to the 9th District and the Crime Suppression Unit.


Sgt. Clinton has received numerous awards including two Officers of the Year Awards for District 6 and 7.


Sgt. Clinton was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in December 2014 where he is assigned as a supervisor in District Three. In March of 2015, Sgt. Clinton was detached to the St. Louis Police Academy to assist with recruiting. Sgt. Clinton is currently heading the Ethical Society of Police Minority Recruitment Program that recruits applicants with a focus on minorities to teach and mentor them with policing and community outreach.


Sgt. Clinton graduated Lindenwood University with honors while receiving a Bachelors and Masters degree in Criminal Justice. Sgt. Clinton is also highly active in community service.  


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